The Chamber’s general objective is to bring together companies operating in Switzerland and/or Azerbaijan in order to share business relations. It will contribute to the dialogue between Azerbaijan and Switzerland through supporting bilateral economic relations.

The Chamber’s mission is to secure the smooth functioning of economic relations between Switzerland and Azerbaijan and to intervene, if necessary publicly, to respond to attacks on them. At their request, the Chamber helps its members who have a problem with an investment in either country. It can also find secure partnerships for new investments.

In 2022, the Chamber is entering a new approach by reserving its services to companies that will be formal members.

Companies that are allowed to apply for membership are those operating in the Swiss and/or Azerbaijani markets.

Companies becoming members at the very first General Assembly in September 2022 receive the honorary title of “founding members”.

The annual membership fee for companies is CHF 1000 per year.

In addition, member companies can also become sponsors of the Chamber if they so wish. The amount of sponsorship is left to the discretion of the sponsors.